Shipping and Water Sports

Since 1974 our law firm is specialised on maritime/shipping law. We are active/passionate skippers (of both sailing and motor yachts) who turned their hobby into a profession. That is why we are familiar with specific legal issues on this topic. Therefore, we are your competent partner (as to shipping and water sports).

Our core areas of practice are:

Contracts on ship purchases and shipbuilding

  • Draft agreements and revision
  • Organisation and realization of ship-closings

Vessel/Ship registration

  • under German flag
  • under a foreign flag (for example Malta, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands, Channel Islands, etc.)


  • supplementary performance
  • damages/compensation
  • cases of wilful deceit

Perpetuation of evidence

  • Arranging expert opinions
  • Independent procedures for the taking of evidence

Shipping/Yacht trade

  • Dealer contracts
  • Terms and conditions

Owner/Ownership associations

  • Co-ownership/ joint estate
  • Non-trading private companies

Insurance law

  • Hull insurance
  • Personal liability insurance (for the yacht)
  • ADS hull, cargo and ship building insurance
  • River hull insurance
  • Shaping of terms and conditions
  • Law on insurance brokers

Conducting recovery proceedings and defence against recoveries

Regatta damages / Interpretation of racing rules

Yacht chartering law

Maritime safety

  • present-day steps to ward off pirates