Protection of industrial property / intellectual property rights (ancillary copyright)

Features like the achievements, ideas, design, product design, technical solutions and characteristics with a high memorability that amount to the economic success of a firm need to be sufficiently protected from rivals and competitors. In order to ensure a sufficient protection for your products, actions and services we provide you with the necessary legal advice.

Our core areas of practice are:

Trademark law

  • Filing strategies and advice for trademark registrations for national and international trademarks, the European trademark (Community Trade Mark, CTN) and the international trademark
  • Trademark research
  • Trademark registrations and prolonging the term of patent
  • Monitoring trademarks and keeping a long-term calendar
  • Pursuing claims of trademark violations both judicially and extra-judicially
  • Averting unjustified trademark claims of third parties
  • Developing and negotiating demarcation agreements

Design patents

  • Giving advice for the German and European registration of design patents
  • Registration of design patents and prolongation of the term of patent
  • Monitoring and keeping a long-term calendar
  • Judicial as well as extra-judicial pursuance of trademark violations
  • Averting unjustified design patent claims of third parties

Patent law

  • Registration of and giving advice on patents after consulting a patent attorney
  • Pursuance of patent violations and averting unjustified claims of third parties


  • Giving advice to matters regarding the copyright
  • Pursuance of copyright violations