Commercial Tenancy Law

We offer comprehensive advice and represent our clients in all matters that fall within commercial tenancy law.

Commercial tenancy law, in contrast to residential tenancy law, allows greater latitude in the formation of contracts. This is of advantage to both sides, but it also involves considerable risks. Thus, the landlord aims at optimizing the yield, the contribution margin and the cash flow. For this, when forming rental fees, the landlord often uses scaled regulations for differently qualified leased properties or a specific definition for the running costs that optimizes a transfer of the costs for the maintenance and repair onto the tenant. This is what the tenant tries to limit. What also matters are specific regulations concerning the officially authorized purpose of the tenancy as well as the financial burden of a party to the contract arising from the renovation of a leased property.

Giving comprehensive advice in good time and the representation in cases of dispute ensure the optimization of the interests of our clients.