(Debt) Collection national / international / receivables management

In our law firm debt collection constitutes an independent area of practice.

Businesses more and more have to face / fight against decreasing payment behaviour and increasing bad debts, but equally rising standards in regard to one’s own liquidity / financial solvency must be satisfied. Therefore, you depend on an experienced, competent, independent and strong partner in (debt) collection. In providing high quality, performance and service we satisfy our clients’ expectations and make sure that we never lose sight of the company’s aggregate commercial interest.

Our core areas of practice are:

Encashment of B2C and B2B demands

  • Extra-judicial dunning letters/reminders
  • Completion and supervision of instalment payments
  • Legal telephone encashment
  • Obtaining information regarding creditworthiness
  • Coordination with commercial credit insurers
  • Demanding / Applying for court orders and enforcement orders
  • Filing law suits
  • Execution levied upon real property and movables
  • Long-term debt collection


  • Reduction of bad debts
  • Optimization of the dunning/encashment belonging to the own establishment
  • Outsourcing of debt collection and dunning
  • Maintaining and winning back / recovering customers
  • Helping with factoring
  • Filing civil liability lawsuits against (debt collection) service providers